Individual Services

Individual Stuttering Treatment

Ms. DiGrande provides individual fluency therapy for adults, teens, and school-aged children. Adriana has developed a strong practice in treating individuals with Down Syndrome who stutter. All of these services are provided remotely. Therapy is typically scheduled once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.

Stuttering Evaluations

Ms. DiGrande provides evaluation services for school age children, teens and adults. Evaluations may be at the request of parents, schools, or the individual adult.

Evaluations include the collection and analysis of videotaped speech samples, attitudinal measures and gathering of pertinent case history information obtained from previous records and during an initial meeting with the client (and parent for children). A written report is generated outlining detailed findings and recommendations for treatment and is reviewed with the client or parent in a second meeting.

Stuttering Consultations

Consultations may be provided to individuals and/or their families to address fluency concerns and determine the individual's readiness for treatment. Consultations are also offered to school systems and other professionals to address concerns related to stuttering.

Parent Consultations for Preschoolers

Adriana offers in-depth consultations for parents who are concerned about their youngster’s fluency. The consultations begin with parents providing written background information as well as video speech samples for Ms. DiGrande to review prior to the consultation. The session involves a review of pediatric stuttering, clinical impressions of their child’s fluency, education around how to modify communication and the home environment, if needed, and how to track their child’s fluency over time. At the end of the consultation a plan is made for a checking-in for follow-up.

Telepractice Stuttering Treatment

Ms. DiGrande sees all clients via telepractice. Telepractice services include consultations, evaluations, individual treatment, and small group Refresher Programs for former New England Therapy Program participants.

She is licensed to provide telepractice services to clients residing in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Maine.


"My son immediately took to Adriana and truly enjoyed her program. She was always creative in ways to make speech fun for him. He looked forward to his visits with her each week. She displayed caring ways and made sure he was aware that she had his best interests at heart."