Stuttering Services

Please note that all consultations, evaluations, and individual treatment are provided remotely, via telepractice.

Adriana's services include evaluation and individual therapy for adults, teens and children as young as 4 years. She also offers clinical consultations to parents of very young children, ages 2 – 4.

Individual Services

Individual Stuttering Treatment

Ms. DiGrande provides individual fluency therapy for adults, teens, and children, including preschoolers. All of these services are provided remotely. Therapy is typically scheduled once a week for 45 minutes to an hour.

Stuttering Evaluations

Ms. DiGrande provides evaluation services to preschool and school age children, teens and adults. Evaluations may be at the request of parents, schools, or the individual adult.

Evaluations include the collection and analysis of videotaped speech samples, attitudinal measures and gathering of pertinent case history information obtained from previous records and during an initial meeting with the client (and parent for children). A written report is generated outlining detailed findings and recommendations for treatment and is reviewed with the client or parent in a second meeting.

Pediatric Stuttering Treatment

Ms. DiGrande sees young children who may be at risk for developing stuttering. Intervention begins with a comprehensive fluency evaluation to determine the child's risk factors for developing stuttering and to make recommendations for the appropriate course of treatment. Ms. DiGrande has developed a pediatric program that includes both direct and indirect therapy approaches with strong home program and parent counseling components. Parent involvement, by design, is an integral part of the therapeutic process in Ms. DiGrande's pediatric program.

Stuttering Consultations

Consultations are provided to individuals and/or their families to address fluency concerns and determine the individual's readiness for treatment. Consultations are also offered to school systems and other professionals to address concerns related to stuttering

Telepractice Stuttering Treatment

Ms. DiGrande sees all clients via telepractice. Telepractice services include consultations, evaluations, individual treatment, and small group Refresher Programs for former New England Therapy Program participants.

She is licensed to provide telepractice services to clients residing in Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maine.

"We are blessed to have had the opportunity to participate in the Fluency Program. And while I know that it is the result of years of hard work, study, training, and experience, I believe that it is even more special because of Adriana. Her warmth, intelligence, sense of humor, gentle persistence and clear vision, make her not only a gifted speech therapist but an incredible person, as well."