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My Best Day Ever

I was practically done with the program. I can finally speak fluently and I am no longer afraid to say what I want to.

It feels like a dream to be able to speak fluently. On the last day of the program I was so excited to go out into the real world and use my strategies to speak fluently. I wish I could feel like I felt that last day of the program every day. Everyone has a dream and being able to speak fluently was always one of my most important dreams.

Now that I have been through the program I can now say whatever I would like to without stuttering. I am so thankful that I can now speak fluently. It is a wonderful thing being able to talk whenever I want to without being embarrassed about it. Do you love to talk, because I love to speak now too.

I am no longer afraid to say what I want to say. One thing that I didn't like about stuttering is that I was always afraid to speak because I was afraid that I was going to stutter. Now that I am through the program and know how to control my stuttering, I can speak anywhere I want to without stuttering. You may think that this whole stuttering thing has no importance but to me it means a lot.

Being able to speak fluently is the best feeling in the world. Finally, I can say whatever I want to without being embarrassed or afraid that I am going to stutter. Talking out loud or in big groups is easy for me. Now that I know how to control my stuttering, I now talk out loud and volunteer for very big speaking parts. I advise all people who stutter to never try to hide your stuttering and be embarrassed about it and most importantly never think you can not do something because you stutter.

By Brittany, age 10

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