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Stuttering Client Testimonials

A Mother's Perspective and Gratitude
Rowan Describes His Experience in the NEFP

"Hello. My name is Rowan. It is now and it was before this program. That is one of the only things that hasn't changed during this program. Before this program I wouldn't have been able to introduce myself as Rowan without prolonging the “R” in Rowan. Before this program I would have been embarrassed beyond belief to give this speech! Before this program I would have been talking at breakneck speeds. And before this program I had never met so many devoted people at the same time."
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From an Adult Participant of the New England Fluency Program

"The last 4 weeks have been full of personal revelations, connections, and transformations, all of which seemed inconceivable a month ago. I walk away from this program on a path of self acceptance.  Self acceptance is not the final destination—rather it's the journey itself.  I know it is not linear.  I know there will be many ups, downs, and circles, but for the first time in a long time, I feel hope.  And this is in large part due to the community I found here with Adriana and all my peers. Beyond everything, I thank all of you for being a part of my realization of self acceptance."
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A Message to People who Stutter and their Parents

"I am a person who stutters. The last three weeks in the New England Fluency Program have shaped my life in many ways, completely changing the way I perceive my stutter, myself and the world around me. I am in no position to preach about stuttering, and cannot speak for other stutterers in this room. But for what it’s worth, I would like to share my thoughts and advice after my experience at the New England Fluency Program, to the two parties who I think play the biggest role: the person who stutters and his or her parents."
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From a 10-year-old who completed the New England Fluency Program

"I can finally speak fluently and I am no longer afraid to say what I want to. It feels like a dream to be able to speak fluently. On the last day of the program I was so excited to go out into the real world and use my strategies to speak fluently. I am so thankful that I can now speak fluently. It is a wonderful thing being able to talk whenever I want to without being embarrassed about it.

Talking out loud or in big groups is easy for me. Now that I know how to control my stuttering, I now talk out loud and volunteer for very big speaking parts. I advise all people who stutter to never try to hide your stuttering and be embarrassed about it and most importantly never think you can not do something because you stutter."
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From an adult who completed the New England Fluency Program

"One of the many things that distinguishes Adriana's program from others is the attention she pays to the 'head stuff;' the denial, embarrassment and fear that make stuttering management so difficult."

"When I speak today, I make decisions about my level of fluency...The program will not hand you fluency on a silver platter, but it will give you the opportunity to be in control. ... If I want to be perfectly fluent, I know I can do it as long as I concentrate and make the effort necessary. Success requires lots of hard work, but at the end you will be rewarded with the freedom that comes with being in control."
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From a Parent of a Child who received Stuttering Treatment

"If the only result of attending your program were increased fluency, it would have been enough. But to say that the program was life changing for Joe, is no exaggeration. Each day, I see the results of that brief, intense experience."

"These days Joe rarely stutters, but if he does, it is no longer a cause for frustration and concern. He merely takes out one of his 'tools' form the 'toolbox' and carries on."
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To Other Parents of Children who Stutter

"The best thing about Adriana's approach is: She doesn't expect to do it alone. We weren't asked to sit in the waiting room or behind a mirror. We sat by our son's side- learning together. With Adriana's guidance, we learned to play games and provide positive reinforcement appropriately. My son loved it, and his speech was smoother almost immediately."

"Adriana is brilliant with children. And she's been a comfort and inspiration to us. Her insightful, positive way has helped is through the difficult task of speaking. I know it's distressing to hear your child struggle with speech, especially when it comes so effortlessly to other kids. But when Adriana tells you it will get better, you can believe her. ...You're getting your child the best help available."
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Open Letter for Parents of Young Children Who Stutter

"You are not alone. Your little one is not alone. I've seen first hand the challenges, heartache and stress that accompany a young child who stutters. My son started stuttering when his first little brother was born. Many told me it would pass naturally.
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From a mother, in support of Adriana DiGrande

"My son immediately took to Adriana and truly enjoyed her program. She was always creative in ways to make speech fun for him. He looked forward to his visits with her each week. She displayed caring ways and made sure he was aware that she had his best interests at heart. She was excellent in making sure she involved me in his therapy and was creative in offering suggestions of ways that we could help him at home. She was able to teach me many (easy) day to day things that I could be doing at home that would benefit him.

Adriana was amazing at incorporating her speech lessons into fun games and activities. She would always listen closely to him and take an active interest in what he had to say. Michael just received his "smooth speech" trophy from Adriana and I do not think he has ever been more proud of anything in his life. I highly recommend Adriana DiGrande. She has been patient, wonderful and has made a huge difference in Michael's life."
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"Adriana displayed caring ways and made sure my son was aware that she had his best interests at heart. She was excellent in making sure she involved me in his therapy and was creative in offering suggestions of ways that we could help him at home."'