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Adriana DiGrande is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and is a Board Certified Specialist in Stuttering, Cluttering, and Fluency. She is recognized as a leading clinician in the field of fluency disorders and limits her practice to the treatment of individuals who stutter or clutter. She has over 40 years of clinical experience working exclusively in the area of fluency and fluency disorders.

Adriana's services include evaluation and individual therapy for adults, teens and school aged children, as well as clinical consultations to parents of very young children, ages 2 – 4. She is also available to consult with school systems and other SLPs on client specific cases. All individual services are conducted via telepractice, not in-person.

At the heart of Ms. DiGrande's services are over 40 years of clinical experience working exclusively with people who stutter, her genuine warmth toward her clients and her ongoing deep commitment to help people of all ages become more comfortable communicators.


"We thank our lucky stars that we found our way to Adriana. Prior to meeting her, we were lost and felt helpless. While our first grader had always had moments/short periods of disfluency (or bumpy speech) as a young child, his stuttering condition severely magnified when he was entering 1st grade (his first year in school because of Covid). He had trouble with stuttering and complete blocks in every sentence. It was heartbreaking for us to see his struggle and diminishing self-esteem, and harder for him to experience. We felt hopeless. Enter Adriana with her warm and compassionate demeanor and her mindset that smooth speech can be achieved with the right expertise and committed practice. We had a 9 month journey with Adriana working with our son once a week. Adriana guided us through a step-by-step process (using games and fun connection moments every night for 10 minutes). This process helped..." read the full quote in the “What clients Say” section.